Corporate Services

Red Networks’ corporate clients benefit in many ways from the expertise, innovation and technological abilities we offer. Our systems are created to offer increased efficiency and productivity at a price well below that of the global Telco that cannot think outside the box. We provide what you, our client, needs, not what the Telco wants to sell you.

Here at Red Networks we are proactive, not reactive, about getting and keeping you online. Our in-house team focuses on implementing and supporting the infrastructure you need and require. We sit down with you, listen to what you want to happen, and, as a certain Captain Picard might say, make it so.

We don’t just go with the easy way out. If there’s a better, more economical, more practical solution than that you’ve been offered, our team of specialists will find it.

Red Networks specialize in Communication and Cloud Solutions. Whether you are looking for the best system for your city office, or you are out in the bush, we offer everything from the basics of internet provision to the intricate detail of remote connectivity in the bush, the desert, or just miles from anywhere.


Special Features

  • Specialists in Cloud Antivirus and Management
  • Design, manufacture and installation
  • Network and server monitoring

Our Services include