Interactive Borefield Telemetry

Systems designed and fabricated in-house

When you use Red Networks to provide your Interactive Borefield Telemetry, you know that you can rely on a system tailored to your needs by our in-house staff. Our innovative approach to the design of Interactive Borefield Telemetry is based on designing telemetry to suit the client’s needs, not adapting technology already in use in a different situation.

Our Turkeys Nest Automation System can be designed to operate the generation plant both manually or automatically.  It can create notifications to show levels of oil, fuel, water and battery, loss of communications to equipment and plant failures.  Importantly, reporting of litres per hour from each bore site and reporting of quality of power generated by the plant can also be monitored.

Special Features

  • View flow and levels
  • Control bore pumps
  • Detect Failures
  • Maintaining existing systems